2009 Diary

Every vintage distinguishes itself from another because of the weather and climate conditions that characterizes it. An accurate analysis of the climatic trend in the vegetative cycle of the grapevine allows to plan the best operations and the type of wine-making, considering that the events that mostly affect the productive cycle of the grapevine in its different phenological stages, are temperature and rainfall.

The 2008-2009 winter in the southeastern aera of the Veneto region was characterized by average temperatures but abundant rainfall on the plain of the Marca Trevigiana and snow on the Dolomites; finally the negative cycle of the melting of the glaciers has been interrupted, providing an important water supply for our vineyards.

Spring came on with warm temperatures, slightly above the season’s average, but it brought continuous rainfall for several weeks, with very intense local events until the end of April. The improvement of the climatic conditions resulted in a good flowering cycle with a balanced productive load on the plants.

After the end of June 2009, when summer usually starts, the climate was very cool with average temperatures around 24° C and unusual and frequent rainfall which made the air quite humid, but the growth of the grapes proceeded its natural course.

The 10th of July the firsts signs of veraison of the bunch were noticed and therefore the start of the harvest was programmed for the 20th of August.

The ripening of the grapes was accelerated by a remarkable increase of the temperatures and the dry climate of the last 20 days induced the use of artificial irrigation systems in the vineyards.

Evolution in the vineyard

Pruning: March

Bud break: mid April

First mowing of the grass: the end of April to encourage the natural fertilization of the soil

Flowering: mid May

First phytosanitary treatments: May

Removal of shoots: between May and June

First artificial irrigation: 15-16 May

Green pruning: mid June

Defoliation: mid June (only the part exposed to the east)

Thinning: the first week of July

Veraison: 10th July

Harvest: mid August

Yield forecast: average